The Primal Movement Patterns

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Do you want to tone, sculpt, target and isolate your muscle for a lean and stunning physique?

Well that’s a trick question.

Terms like, toning, targeting, sculpting and isolating exist for the benefit of machine manufacturing companies, with the sole intent to sell gyms and you products.  The truth is you really don’t need fancy apparatuses to be healthy. The best equipment out there is usually very simple and inexpensive.

Today, due to the advances of science and the tireless work of world renowned fitness experts and physiologists like Paul Check, Lee Burton, and Gray Cook, we know that a workout utilizing human primal movement patterns is the best path to optimal health. 

These Primal Movements are the foundation of the workout plans Dynamic Fitness (DFit) generates for you and are integrated in all the programs we at DFIt developed.

“Primal movement patterns” is a term that we use in the fitness community that refers to the basic way people have been moving as long as people have been people. Whether you believe in creationism or evolution, I think we can all agree that we have been moving, more or less, the same way for quite some time now.

If you were alive 10,000 years ago, you would have spent your day walking about 5 miles, sprinting after prey or away from predators, cutting down trees, lifting logs, building shelters, and so on.   As a result of these various activities, you would have been fit, lean and functional sound.

So, how did what we do at the gym become so dysfunctional?

Today, we have become excellent at sitting!

We sit in the car on our way to work. Most of us sit at work and then when we get home, we sit on the couch. We spend nearly 50% of our lives sitting and that doesn’t account for the time we spend sleeping.  For the majority of people who do exercise, their workouts typically consist of single joint (isolated movement) exercises which do little to improve overall functionality.

Do you really think sitting down at the gym is helpful if you’ve been sitting all day?    

Below are the primal movement patterns that you should incorporate into your workouts every week. To view a video demonstration of these movements, go to General Mechanics on our Exercise Demo’s page.

Movement Patterns

  • Squat
  • Lunge
  • Push
  • Pull
  • Twist
  • Bend or Hinge
  • Gait: walking, running, Jumping
  • Carry

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